Each of us has our own unique life story, woven together by high points, low points, challenges & successes. Our unique personas & inner selves are further differentiated by our cultural differences, individual strengths, family dynamics, lifes challenges, ability to cope, physiological and psychological make-up, resources at hand…etc…

At times, we all have trouble navigating our lives. 

*  We may feel stuck…unable to identify and change
something that is not working.

*  Unable to move forward, and let go of a troubling
pattern of behavior.

*   Frustrated by the inability to break free of anxiety and

*  Challenged by the hopelessness of being depressed.

*  Confused about where our relationship is headed.

*  Not confident in our identity & self-esteem.

*  Unsure about our plan for life, or how to take our
performance to the next level.

These are just a few of the common challenges that life can hold, and we don’t always find it easy to locate the most effective tools for unlocking the challenge, so that we can move forward.  Sometimes we can use a unique helping hand, to reassess our situation, our challenges, our strengths, resources, and develop new insights & fresh perspectives that will produce new desired results.

A therapeutic relationship has often been one of the answers for many while navigating the challenges of life, as it offers an objective, non-judgemental, confidential, and unique space, embraced by honest collaborative dialogue & insight, and accountability.  Through hard and honest work, we can find the key to breaking free and managing our challenges.  We all have the choice to make powerful decisions in our lives, that have significant impact.

I invite you to allow me, Richard J Barnes, M.A., LMFT to help.  Please call or email me for individual, couples or family therapy free telephone consultation today at 510 497 4063.