Over the years I have received a few accolades from colleagues and clients that help give a sense of how I work.  These colleagues and clients have given me permission to use their accolades, in order to help potential clients find the right fit when seeking a psychotherapist.  Names of clients are kept anonymous.

“Richard Barnes gets to the heart of the matter – tactfully and swiftly. As a colleague for the past seven years, I deeply respect his professional approach to working with clients and associates.  He has a delightful, creative approach to work and life.”

Dr. Sally Gelardin, Ed.D., International & Multicultural Education & National Certified Counselor and Regional Director of Engagement and Education at AgeSong Senior Communities, 2010

“After my inability to progress with many different therapists and counseling styles, Richard was able to immediately connect with me with his personal and sincere approach during the most difficult period of my life. Whether it was one of his intimate face-to-face sessions or just a casual follow-up call, Richard was right by my side along the way. His methods are effective and can be easily internalized as tools for future use.”

– Bay Area venture capitalist and business executive, 2007

” Richard is a very compassionate, sincere, and dedicated therapist who is not afraid to step outside his comfort zone to connect to his client. As a gay male, I always felt that he held an unconditional positive regard toward me, which enabled me to connect to my deeper feelings and to embrace my positive attributes, including my sexuality, in order to achieve my personal, spiritual, and professional goals.”
– Former Stanford graduate student and MD/ PhD candidate, 2004

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